What I do

Photo: Federica Villi / Berlin Drum Experience

I try to play as much as daytime job would allow. Below you’ll find some of my recent activities.

You have to deliver, man –
no matter what

Allen Devine
  • Brushes for Rudi Protrudi
    It is not often the case that I’m asked to play brushes. When that happens I have to run and get my shit back together. I ain’t no expert on playing the brushes (well, who is?) but I started to like them. There are a lot of different techniques to choose from – and in… Brushes for Rudi Protrudi weiterlesen
  • Percussive Dance Theatre
    Three days in a row at Theaterforum Kreuzberg: In March 2023 the Italian dance group „Gut Reaction“ brought their production „HUMANT“ once again on stage. This event was sidelined by a group of drum and dance student who performed a piece as an opening act. I had the pleasure to be one of them. The… Percussive Dance Theatre weiterlesen
  • Dreizack: Edito Brazil
    This is my electronic music project: Founded on Superbooth it’s two guys on audio tracker and DAW. Everything is done inside the box – except for live drums and percussion. We don’t use stock samples or synth presets but rather programme or record them ourselves. An example can be heard on ToAuto(FoMat) / Edito Brazil.… Dreizack: Edito Brazil weiterlesen
  • The Inside Tracks
    Here is an old one I still like a lot. It must have been around 2015 when „The Inside Tracks“ played the Postbahnhof during some sort of „art fair“ or something. It was a rather weird experience I might tell you about another time. For me it was the first time I – coming from… The Inside Tracks weiterlesen
  • The Strange Encounters
    It is with great sadness that we have to acknowledge the fact that there are less and less clubs in which you can play rock music at a noise level this music traditionally needs. When asked to use brushes or a Cajon I said no and instead learned to play neighbour-friendly – and still shooting… The Strange Encounters weiterlesen
  • Mobserv: „Hiroshima Bordell“
    Things I usually don’t do: writing song lyrics. Here is an exception: The band Mobserv was founded with the idea to pretend we were a metal band from Eastern Europe. As the songwriting proceeded it turned out that it would be anything but that. It somewhat landed on the more experimental side which was partly… Mobserv: „Hiroshima Bordell“ weiterlesen
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