John Fichte Trio: „Get it out“

Ein voll mikrophoniertes Gretsch-Schlagzeug vor dem Tracking
Im Studio in Neukölln

It took some time, but now it is released: John Fichte Trio’s EP „Get it out“. Tracking began somewhat around March 2023. Drums for five tracks were finished in one day, I even found the time to do a few percussion overdubs here and there (bongo, cow bell, tambourine, maybe some shakers).

Bongos mit Overhead-Mic

Drums, bass and keyboards were recorded „live“ (yes, a click track was involved). Brass, guitar and vox were overdubbed. We went to a cosy little studio in Neukölln (Retrojohnny) that actually worked with „Reaper“ which has since become sort of popular, I guess.

It took some time to get the overdub sessions arranged – and to all agree on the levels of the instruments in the final mix, of course.

Probably not the best drumming I hjave ever played but there is definitely some good songwriting involved.

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