POEMPL: „4830“ (Punkrock EP)

24 hours, 6 songs: We got together under the objective not to spend more hours than just 4 per song – and this included writing the material, think of the lyrics and learning to play that song. Another objective was to drink as much beer as possible.

And so we did. We called the band POEMPLE and wrote and released the material as an EP, titled „4830“. This was the postal code for a small city in Ostwestfalen-Lippe where all of the band members come from.

The most challenging part came afterwards. Who would do the mixing? Since I already did the recordings in my DAW that job became mine. And it was quite a ride. I had never done a production on my own before. It is debateable (and yes: There was a debate!) if I did a good job (obviously not – but then again: Isn’t it supposed to be punkrock?

Anyway: The stuff is out now an Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and so on.

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