Brushes for Rudi Protrudi

It is not often the case that I’m asked to play brushes. When that happens I have to run and get my shit back together. I ain’t no expert on playing the brushes (well, who is?) but I started to like them. There are a lot of different techniques to choose from – and in the end every player seems to do pretty much as he pleases. It’s all about the sound, I learned, and there are fascinating way to achieve that.

It is almost never the cases that I’m asked to play bongos. In fact, I can’t do that. Not long ago that I even didn’t own one. But Rudi Protrudi changed that: He not only asked me to play brushes on his new solo record but also do some bongo playing.

And so I did – on a few numbers. That album comes ins white (!) vinyl and can also be heard here:

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