The Inside Tracks

Here is an old one I still like a lot. It must have been around 2015 when „The Inside Tracks“ played the Postbahnhof during some sort of „art fair“ or something. It was a rather weird experience I might tell you about another time.

For me it was the first time I – coming from a small town in Germany – joined a band with a Scottish bass player and a true gentleman, guitarist and songwriter from New York City. Things in this band were different than what I had known before. Yes, there were regular rehearsals. But they only lasted one hour, not a minute longer. There was a belief that a band best learns on stage which is obviously true.

And yes: There was always something in the end

Having just one hour, you had to be ready to play within seconds after entering the room. You also had to play at the very top of your capabilities. Because only then the band leader would turn his head while on his way home shouting „Good playing tonight!“

Another key phrase was „You have to deliver, man – no matter what!“ You had to play good unconditionally – may it have been a good or a bad day, wether you could hear yourself on the monitors or not, wether there was a larger audience or just three persons sitting at the bar. He, of course, followed his strong ethics and gave the best example.

It still try to live by it.

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