Mobserv: „Hiroshima Bordell“

Mobserv - "Hiroshima Bordell"

Things I usually don’t do: writing song lyrics. Here is an exception: The band Mobserv was founded with the idea to pretend we were a metal band from Eastern Europe. As the songwriting proceeded it turned out that it would be anything but that. It somewhat landed on the more experimental side which was partly because the lyrics were written before the music so the latter had to follow. The lyrics are German and most of the time arty-farty (I was listening to a lot of Einstürzende Neubauten at that time).

It has been too long since the drums were played for this album. I hope I can play much better now. But the project sure was one of a kind – 15 years later the work on a follow-up has just begun.

Here’s the album on Spotify.

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