Hi. I’m Boris. I’m gonna play the drums tonight.

t’s pretty simple: I like that and do that a lot. Over some decades I’ve gained some experience in rock, pop, funk, surf, electronica, metal, both country & western, stuff more on the experimental side, and of course punkrock. I strive to expand that list quite a bit.

I can read charts (as long as it is not „Black Page“) and play to a click. I’ve got a rehearsal space in Berlin where I practice my paradiddles, play with bands and can do drum recordings. The gear is great and will be selected according to the music.

If you want to make contact just give me shout.

You have to deliver, man –
no matter what.


Here is where I spend quite some time: What you see is a Gretsch USA kit. It doesn’t have the famous round badges like the vintage ones have. But it sure does sound great. It is the sound of thunder, to be exact.

The sound of thunder

Most of the time I use a Ludwig Black Beauty 6″5 that goes really well with it. I tweaked it a bit with Masshoff snare wires. It has now a greater dynamic range. Sometimes I swith the kit and use my old Sonor Signature which is quite a beast. As for Cymbals I’m a Zildjian guy (Constantinople, K and A Custom).

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